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Big Win for BigGuyGaming in the Rise Thru The Ranks PS5 Madden Tourney

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

14 teams matched up in the #PZGD Rise Thru The Ranks PS5 Madden Tournament, the 1st for the PS5 console. Only one winner rose thru the ranks being declared the winner, taking home the $250 purse, the biggest purse in Rise Thru The Ranks History.

Rise Thru The Ranks provides organized tourneys for both consoles (xbox & playstation) spreading over a variety of games including #Madden, #NBA2K, #CallofDuty, and more. Join the Discord for the latest on their new and up and coming tourneys all 2023.

In this exclusive interview, we're letting you get to know more of BigGuyGaming and how he won against comp using an unexpected NFL Team, the Arizona Cardinals. TrillBillaChick, Director of Operations, has more on his latest success.

BigGuyGaming is a 29 year old small streamer, originally from New York, currently residing in New Jersey. He's been playing madde

n since the Eddie George cover (2001) and started as a franchise player, taking his talents to more competitive playing. He's been recruited by the Bakcyard Bullyz Madden crew stating "those are my guys forreal. Love my fellow Bakcyard Bullyz. Been rockin' ever since I was recruited."

BigGuyGaming is very lowkey, so when people see him in crew tourneys or regular tourneys they don’t think much about him, but he claims "that low bark come with a big Bite." BigGuyGaming started streaming recently in 2022 having to start from the bottom, and just recently started again in September and ready to grow!

Here is how our interview went.

TB: How confident were you going into the "Rise Thru The Ranks" Tournament?

How did you prep for the tourney?

BG: Coming in I was a little confident because I’m one of the unknown streamers of the world so people look over me which plays in my advantage . But also confident because most people practice with the best team and Meta plays. I practice beating those on the daily. I didn’t know anything about my opponents but knew my offense was very powerful.

TB: How do opponents attempt to play against you? What do you do to beat them?

BG: Most my opponents coming out in shotgun bunch , and shotgun tight and run corner routes out of them . Then on defense nickel 3-3 or 3-3-5 and use the meta. Blitzes. I counter it by spreading them out making them need more dbs on the field and make quick reads.

TB: Most people wouldn't consider winning a Tourney with the Cardinals. How did you use them to rise thru the ranks and win?

BG: "5 Wide Bandit BABY!"

TB: Who are your favorite teams to play with when playing against tuff comp?

BG: Top team to play with is Cards, I perfected a scheme with them. With regular comp I used colts.

TB: Who was the biggest COMP in the "Rise Thru The Ranks" PS5 Madden Tourney?

BG: The best player was Bulls user THEBVIC. He used the meta plays but used them well.

TB: What advice can you give to those participating in Madden Tournaments?

BG: "Be yourself , sit down and lab the game . Don’t pick teams and plays because everyone else do it. Play and practice to have fun but also be original . My hardest games are from ppl who are not using Metas."

TB: Would you rather have Kyler Murray's RESPECT or Kyler Murray's MONEY?

BG: "He just got a new contract , i need his money haha…. People ain’t gon respect you anyway , most are haters that’s why they don’t prosper."

Sponsored by Pro Zone Gaming Division (putting together tourneys since 2017), Rise Thru The Ranks was created by #PZGD staff who recruited, organized, and ran the 1 day, single elimination tourney. Their proud to have put together another tourney for the #MaddenCommunity. One thing #PZGD and BigGuyGaming have in common, they gunna make a way to win!

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