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Gamers can customize their gentiles in "CyberPunk 2077"

It's no surprise that "CyberPunk 2077" will contain some pretty vivid graphics, but we're just as surprised as you are to hear about the "private" customizations coming soon.

The latest news surrounding the highly anticipated game develops around very mature content. Among others, "breast, buttocks, and genitalia" are some of the few character customizations in the fist-person shooter game. Nonbinary options implemented last year allows the gamer to mix and match gentiles. This option was introduced last year by CD Projekt Red.

Don't fret. The gory graphics and animations you're dying for are still coming. “Characters use handguns, machine guns, rifles, and explosives during frenetic firefights with humans and cybernetically enhanced enemies; players can also use melee weapons (e.g., wrist-mounted blades, enhanced limbs) to stab enemies and, in some cases, dismember them.”

With a release date approaching on Sept. 17th, 2020, gamers will get the rated "M" (17+) content that has been long awaiting. It is said that more details are to come June 11th, 2020



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