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More Games Added to Netflix Gaming Service

Photo credit: FossBytes

2 new games have been added to Netflix's gaming service. Just a few months ago, in September, Netflix acquisitioned Night School Studio, developers of Oxenfree and Afterparty. With Netflix's goal of overpowering their competitors for "screen entertainment time," they didn't waste anytime amping-up their status in the gaming industry.

Kentucky Route Zero, known as a cross of theater and gaming, originally was available on Nintendo Switch. Recently added to console, gamers play as a Truck driver who must get to an antique shop while traveling through Kentucky. It sounds simple, but there is more mystery to making a last delivery on route. Debuting back in 2013, it is now available to the Netflix gaming service.

12 Minutes, released just last year in 2021, brings thought provoking game play with a twist. After a relaxing evening with your wife you get a knock on the door from the police. After the officer kills you and your wife the time resets, and will continue to do so every 12 minutes. It's up to you to change your fate!

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