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The complications of cross-gen gaming brought to you by Madden21 on Xbox Series X and PS5

EA might be looking out for you by preventing gamers from having to buy the same game twice with a new console, but it just may be more bothersome for others.

Their limited-time upgrade offer seems to be the only allotted time period to ensure cross-gen benefits. "Players must purchase Madden NFL 21on Xbox One by December 31st, 2020 to be eligible to get a Series X upgrade, and they’ll only have until March 31st, 2021 to be able to upgrade their copy."

The news brings more confusion as it shows disparities between EA and Microsoft's Soft Delivery Program. To make things more confusing, Sony has yet to release any news on if they will be offering a cross-gen program for PS5.

Set your calendars for June 11th, 2020 for more info and possible clarity at how this will all go down at EA PLAY Live.



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