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We Want Mo' BMoe Flocka

Get to know more new, small, and upcoming streamers that are gracing us with fresh and exciting content all 2023. BMoe Flocka, is a name that you'll want to search, find, and follow as a streamer and source of content doing it for the culture. Our interview here at #PZGD tells more about his interests such as cannabis, coaching, and fatherhood, and of course gaming.

As hip-hop and cannabis culture go hand in hand, so does streaming and gaming. Both are a heavy part of eCulture and has a heavy impact into today's society.

In an exclusive interview, BMoe Flocka sat down with Pro Zone Gaming Division's very own Trill Billachick to dive deeper and get a better look into who he is, his interests, and what inspires him as a streamer.

BMoe is a Father of 2 handsome sons. He's originally from Baltimore, MD and made Dallas TX his home for the past 15 years. He also has been spending his time directing and mentoring the youth, coaching little league baseball for 2 years.

TB: As a father, have you seen your children show interest in gaming? If so, what games have you introduced them to, or would like to introduce them to?

BF: "Absolutely! I have them stream on the weekends under my account sometimes because they enjoy putting on a show like their father. They're into pretty much the same games I am, plus Fortnite and Need for Speed."

TB: How long have you been streaming? What games do you play/stream?

BF: "I've been streaming for years but finally took it serious in June of 2022. I usually play Madden, 2K, Call of Duty, Devil May Cry, GTA, and any random game that looks interesting."

TB: Who are your favorite teams to play with when playing against tuff comp in Madden?

BF: "Ravens of course for their heavy run game, Bucs for their fast defense, and Vikings for Justin Jefferson."

TB: Would you rather have Ray Lewis money, or Ray Lewis fame?

BF: "Ray Lewis Money. Nowadays, I can buy the fame if I really want it."

TB: What are your goals for streaming this year?

BF: "I want to gain 10-15 subscribers for my channel, finally put a cool overlay on my channel, and create some dope emotes for my chat."

TB: What inspires you to be a streamer?

BF: "The fact that there's not a lot of Black people that stream. I wanna let my young brothers and sisters know that anything is possible in any field you choose."

TB: What advice can you give to those wanting to get into streaming?

BF: "Don't worry about your setup, what you play, or how people will react to your stream. Just get started! That's all!"

TB: When can people catch your streams?

BF: "My schedule is Weekdays between 6pm central and 11pm central. Weekends are sporadic because I let my sons enjoy the game while they're here."

TB: Describe your relationship with cannabis and gaming.

Do you think cannabis should be legalized across the nation?

BF: "Absolutely and honestly, I don't game when there's no cannabis. It makes the game more enjoyable and you stay relaxed while playing."

As a cannabis consumer/advocate, and a gamer, I find that cannabis can make us better streamers, friends, creatives, and in BMoe Flocka's case, even better parents. It was great networking and catching up with this inspiring creator and here at #PZGD, we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

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