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Steph Curry Crowned Shooting Goat Passing Ray Allen for Most 3-Pointers Made in Career

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

An emotional display took place December 14, 2021 in Madison Square Garden as Stephen Curry reached the legendary milestone previously held by Ray Allen proceeding Reggie Miller whom was present calling the game. What makes the milestone more legendary is that the former Davidson University (NC) college player reached the milestone with more than 500 games less than the original record setters. Let's not forget that Steph Curry also beat the 3-point record in 5 seasons less than the previous record holders.

In the first quarter the world stopped in order to give Steph Curry his flowers after taking 3 shot attempts to reach the record. Legends came to witness the greatness of the best shooter in NBA History reach the record and cheer on his name including Spike Lee, Michael Strahan, Chris rock, Michael J. Fox, and Tracy Morgan. Cameras came out as the game was stopped for Curry to soak in the moment, thank his family, and reflect on the accomplishment.

Curry ended up leading his team to victory, and overall currently making 2,977 3-pointers in his career. Now we have 2 questions to reflect on such goat behavior; Where will the new record end as Curry has more seasons of basketball to play? Who is on track to come close to reaching the legendary record?

Photo Credit: New York Post

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His greatness can‘t be denied. Stephen Curry has entered the top 10 NBA players of all time.discussion.

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